Katie R Dale


“They may say I need to take a step of faith, and I will tell them, I did. The truth is, no matter how much faith one has, medication is nothing short of a miracle. Doctors treat, God heals.”

Katie Dale
Advocate, Writer, Artist


Dear Pastor,

Five years ago, you inspired me to go off my psychotropic medication and claim healing in Jesus’ name. You said if I believed enough, I would have it — true, unadulterated, life-changing healing. And you made it look so desirable to be a missionary preacher… Read more at TheMighty.com.

To The Pastor Who Encouraged Me To Go Off My Psychiatric Medication

BP magazine

By Jennifer Goforth Gregory

As activity director at a senior residential facility, Katie Dale spends her day interacting with people struggling with dementia. When one of the residents was worried that her husband was stuck at home alone, Dale patiently promised to check on his well-being—although she knew the woman was a widow… Read more at bphope.com.

My Story: Experiments In Living