I Hear Voices: Distinguishing Their Origin

As a taboo and touchy topic, when I say “hearing voices”, I don’t mean strictly in an inner-ear of the mind. Impressionable human beings hear voices every day from different sources. Aside from our own thoughts, the human mind is susceptible and able to “tune in” to different “channels,” if you will.

So whose voice is it that these thoughts represent? We can be assailed with self-generated thoughts, the voice of God or the voice of the enemy. To hear from God, you must have a relationship with Him and be spiritually adopted into His family.

Who’s Voice?

1.  It’s typically God’s voice if…

  • His Word is being spoken or a reference is being brought to mind. I’ve had several occasions being still before the Lord and His Spirit would bring a chapter and verse to mind, or stirred up a complete direct quote of a verse in my heart. Sure enough, He was speaking to me.
  • His images of life and scripture are coming to my mind’s eye. Releasing my mind and surrendering it to His use and manifestation is okay and safe, not to mention a proof of trust and willingness to let God use my mind fluidly.
  • I’m searching for it, being still and quiet before the Lord, asking Him for His presence and a release of His Word into my heart.

God is eager to tell us His thoughts toward us and how deep His unconditional love is for us. When I am in His Word, the Bible, and studying what He is communicating to me at this moment, then I can weigh the wobbly thoughts that waver in my mind and feelings about my worth against the truth of Scripture.

There will be times when I have my own voice telling me what to do, or offering different solutions than God. In that case:

2.  It’s probably my voice if…

  • If it’s a voice suggesting carnal, fleshly images or ideas
  • I have naturally emerging questions based in reason
  • My heart feels anxious, nervous, doubtful, frightened, hateful
  • I’m proposing immediate human or sinful answers

Second Corinthians 10:5 states: “We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.” Taking every thought captive is a charge to distinguish the kind of thoughts I’m vulnerable to thinking. I am fallen and spiritual, so I am still able to be influenced by that which is unseen – thoughts from the enemy.

3.  It’s probably a demon, spirit or Satan if…

  • I’m being tempted to think sinful (hateful, hurtful, lustful, dark, abrasive, unholy) thoughts
  • I’m being giving inappropriate expressions or responses to say/think/do
  • I’m being taunted or degraded

Listening for a voice of the heart or the voice of the Almighty Living God can be anything from a potentially risky shot-in-the-dark to a due-course action of faith, depending on the station I’m probing to hear from. If I’m wanting to discern my voice from God’s, it is extremely important to use the scriptures to review my “voices” against. Have you thought about the voices in your head? What are you hearing? Are they God’s, yours, or the enemy’s? Comment below and let’s discuss.


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