Why Bipolar Disorder Is Creative Juice Concentrate

I remember the days of Mom buying orange juice cans of concentrate in the frozen section of the store, storing them in the freezer until the family dinner called for a flavorful drink. How much times have changed. I haven’t seen an orange juice concentrate can in forever. Regardless, having Bipolar Disorder is like mental creative juice concentrate…only messier.

Having a brain predisposes you to have creative juices – great ideas, light bulb moments, revelations – if you will. When the creative juices are flowing and you’re in a feel good state, this is a naturally occurring happening. When I was in a manic state, my cup never ran dry, in fact it overfloweth-ed and turned into Creative Juice Concentrate. Oversaturated! Revelations were larger than life, good ideas oozed from my pores, my mind projected euphoric grandeur, and when ideas connected, fireworks ensued.

Having a creative knack is a blessing, and from personal experience, I remember reading that creative people can have a tendency to have Bipolar Disorder. Maybe the creative gene correlates with a Bipolar gene in the human genome. Who knows. All I know is my brain magnified and disproportionately presented patterns and thoughts that seemed like clever nuggets of gold. Most of it turned out to be fool’s gold, but still.

Tell me – if you have Bipolar or know someone who has it – are you gifted in creativity? If and when you’re manic, do ideas tend to flow faster or better?

Post your comment below and just add water.


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