Expecting a Book

Pregnant With A Story: I’m Expecting!

Ah, did I catch you off guard? Let me do it again: I’m expecting a BOOK. Not a baby. Yet. I will have you know that as I work toward the publication of my memoir, I have just completed the first draft of the manuscript. The tentative working title I have is Riding The Waves: Sailing The Seas Of Bipolar Disorder. I’m still debating between that and 2 other possible titles but when all is said and done it’s up to the publisher. I will simply rejoice over the fact that I have actually completed the first draft.

Over the next two to four months my plans are to edit and edit and edit some more. I have another lengthy trek ahead of me and then the final step after that is finding the right publisher. I have a good feeling about this, and I am actively working toward that polished piece with an alluring query and pitch. I will keep you updated as I go.





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