Happy moment

Happy Feelings Are Here Again!

I’m ecstatic, and I’m happy I am. For a long while I have not experienced a happy moment or the emotion of happiness. I mean, I’ve had joy and contentment and peace for a long time, but today I found that moment where I scrunched my face from pure glee and praised my Heavenly Father. I said “Thank you Jesus” with all my heart over and over.

Oh, happy day! Be happy for me, as I can honestly say that most days my moods are as neutral as you can get. Meaning, I have feelings, but I take a medication that causes emotional blunting. If you aren’t familiar with the term, according to anxietycentre.com, that means you have no emotions whether positive or negative. You just feel ‘blah’ about life. It can be distressing when you know you care about somethings but you don’t feel anything about them now.”

To be clear, this emotional blunting doesn’t mean I don’t care about others or things that happen. I still have passion for my career and pursuits, however, I don’t get a frequent shot of actually feeling happiness. It’s pretty elusive. Now? I’m just basking in the moment. Some of the reason I’m so happy is due to certain circumstances I directly created, but indirectly I didn’t expect to feel so grand, and the situation worked out the way I wanted.

So why am I so happy? I’m previewing San Angelo, TX with my Airman husband and got to visit a Brookdale Senior Living community and applied to volunteer there. I just ended my job at Brookdale in San Antonio, TX because of the move we are making right now. Since I left on great terms, I feel good about volunteering and serving seniors at another Brookdale community where we will be soon. This is where I found my shot of happiness today, and so thanks for letting me share.









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