“Only A Dream Ago”

Dreams…what do they mean? The ever-elusive intangible tickets to a carnival of our imagination. Playing every night. Do you remember yours?

Theory 1 (aka The Skeptical Scientist): The brain’s process of decompressing and interpreting the previous day’s events

Theory 2 (aka The Wistful Romantic): The subconscious expression of ulterior motives hidden in the back of our mind

Theory 3 (aka The Very Breath of God): The gestures of messages from God, sent to confirm, reveal or lead us into His will

Theory 4 (aka Who-Cares-I-Don’t-Remember-Half-of-Them): Maybe they’re attached to an emotion and give me a deja-vu, which has happened before, or maybe they’re null and void because my Brain’s OS (Operating System) is in a total reboot that I don’t need to understand because I just, don’t.

I’m personally a fan of Theory 4…although I believe all 4 are possible contenders depending on the dream.

What’s your theory? By the way, if you like the name of the post (I am personally enchanted by it…title of my next book??) give me some feedback!!


Stay brave!


One thought on ““Only A Dream Ago”

  1. BronxBiPolarChick says:

    Freud believed that we are EVERYONE in our dreams…which for me is hard to grasp.. so i decided to believe number 1… just our brains ways of kinda interpreting the day or weeks events… i mean i’ve read somewhere that we dream every night but yeah.. i dont remember half of them..lol


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