dice thrown in stairwell

Reclaiming Your Sanity After Losing It

Take a moment to picture your willingness to believe the most prominent Faith-Word authorities and hope against all doubt that if you truly believe it, you will be healed. Give yourself the chance to believe. Just try and see.

Now you’re off your medications for mental illness and your world subtly spins faster in a range of colors like you’ve never before seen. There’s no way off this circling merry-go-round, and there’s nothing merry about it. You were all in, believing, claiming and praying hourly that you would be set free from your diagnosis.

It’s too late. You’re slingshot out in left field and it’s no longer a step of faith but a complete misstep off the edge of sanity. Your reality consists of unsuspected anxiety attacks, the sensation that your head is literally screwed on backwards, a potent punch of paranoia believing, not just thinking, “they” are out to get you, and the constant drill of abnormal voices and impressions in your brain that is no longer your own. Imagine, if you will. Believe, if you can.

So what do you do? Well, after you take a long look into the “black hole” of your fractured psyche, you wait. And finally, after much costly agony and personal distress, you turn the bend in the road to see a different landscape. Something a little better. Not much, and not necessarily familiar, but an ounce better. Each day you are taking a baby step forward.

When you’ve found the strength to grasp a handle on Real Reality, you can begin to reclaim your sanity. Here are some points to take advantage of when you’re beginning your ascent back to normalcy.

Have a support system in place. You absolutely need close family members who have your best interest in mind around you. Those who know you best with your personal health history and behaviors will have a handle on who you are and who you aren’t at this time. Be cooperative and yield to their counsel.

Adhere to expert medical advice. There’s always ever two sides to a story and you have to be willing to listen to that other side. Ask questions of your doctor but know that in the end, they are the ones serving you to help you. Give them a chance to get to know you and meet them halfway.

Seek to understand. You have the right to know why and to discover the reasons you are mentally unstable. There is always a reason behind your condition – a solid scientific and medical explanation. Be willing to do some research to find out what caused you to go into this downward spiral and what you can learn from it to avoid it from happening in the future.

Make sense of what is real and what is not real. When you cross over the brink of insanity, it’s a long road back to reality. It takes perspective to realize what you were believing wasn’t reality. Perspective takes time and distance from the event to develop. Be open to the probability that your reality is not all in sync with Real Reality.



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