Anger? Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!

(At least, in most cases)

Yes, there is a time and a place for getting angry, but I doubt it’s justified in most cases.

Recently, Gabe Howard, fellow bipolar blogger and mental health advocate, asked me why I don’t get mad. Here’s why I think getting mad is just a waste of time and energy and doesn’t usually create a solution.

Reasons people get angry and corresponding reasons why they shouldn’t:

  1. They’ve been wronged, manipulated, taken advantage of 
    •  The natural inclination to be enraged when an injustice occurs is expected in serious cases, but this does not solve the problem. Anger may be an indicator that one needs to channel those emotions in a good way to take action and resolve the injustice if they can, or learn from their mistakes that could have contributed to their being manipulated.
  2. Things don’t go their way
    • This is life, where things don’t always go the way you want them to…that’s just a fact of life. So getting angry about circumstances not panning out the way you expected or hoped is just wasted energy. It doesn’t change anything.
  3. Something is broken and they can’t fix it
    • We encounter technological difficulties at times, and having a short fuse doesn’t fix anything. So next time you get bent out of shape because your phone or tablet aren’t cooperating, take a breath. It’s frustrating, sure, but don’t give into the easier reaction. Kids throw a tantrum, whereas, adults understand.
  4. Something “Bad” happened to them or loved ones/life is “unfair”
    • Again, this is a fact of life. When tragedy hits, you always have a choice: you can react in anger, or you can respond in love. Love seeks to understand and even when there is no understanding, it trusts there is a reason for the unfortunate situation, believing good can come of it eventually.
  5. Things don’t happen on their watch and they’re impatient
    • It’s foolish to get angry over something quickly. Short tempers only amount to strife, incurring wrath, and reacting with stupid choices. There is a better way.

Let’s approach the topic of anger from a different direction. Tell me, when is it appropriate to get angry?


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