Bipolar Brave Cat

Today I Did Nothing and It Was Great!!

So yes, I did pretty much the least I could do today. I accomplished the bare minimum tasks I needed to get done. Do you ever feel like you just want to sleep the day away? Of course you do. Honestly, I could not find the grit to get out of the apartment to do what was on my to-do list. I want to be like, “That’s okay, there’s always tomorrow,” which there is. But I’m thinking there were things I could’ve gotten done, people I could’ve met, and stuff I could’ve gotten accomplished. Then I’m hearing my grandma’s voice … “Everything in moderation.” So – maybe a part time stay-at-home gig is where it’s at? Ah, lounging around the house in PJ’s to work at whim? Wait – I don’t want to be a hermit – I need people to interact with during the day.

I know it’s going to take time to get a job, being new to this town. I’ve managed to connect well with a local workforce agent, apply to a few jobs, but I really wasted a perfectly opportune day curling up on the aerobed and nodding off for x number of hours. Hey, when will I be able to do this again?

I’m glad for my hubby’s job in the Air Force, as his steady paycheck can afford us to live on a single income. However, some days I just need a kick in the pants to get out and get ‘r done. Today was relaxing, but I can’t repeat it if I want to get anywhere. I heard on the radio this afternoon, the habits of sin often develop because of a distracted heart, where repentance is the first step to coming back to discipline. Well, here I am, Lord. Send me. I am prepared and ready to go out and do.

Tomorrow. đŸ˜‰


When I’m not working, God is…

Yay! I’m just received a response on a book proposal I sent out for a critique and if I can clean it up a little, the agent may want to represent me to a publisher. I’m not punching a clock, but God certainly never tires of working out everything to my good and His glory.

Stay brave,



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