You might need to be admitted if...

You Might Need To Be Admitted If…

If I were your friend, which I hope you entrust me to be at least a virtual acquaintance by means of blogging, I would point out some very serious symptoms that if I were you would consider checking into the psych ward or nearest behavioral hospital for. You may know you are experiencing these things, or someone who has been experiencing these things. Granted, the average person is not needing this type of direction, but in the event that you or a loved one are observing the following behaviors, then talk to a psychiatrist or medical professional and seek their help.

Here are eight signs to look for when you should consider being admitted into a behavioral unit:

1. Suicidal thinking. Dwelling on ending your life or having a plan to commit suicide. Also negative self talk, hopelessness, not being able to see an end to the suffering you’re going through, or thinking you or others are better off if you were dead.
2. Hyper-reactive behavior. Do people, events or certain situations set you off and trigger you to make rash decisions, act aggressive or say things without thinking? Are you thinking a mile a minute? Is your rate of speech increased and do you fly off the handle?
3. Violent behavior. Physically reacting and initiating violence can be a signal of distress and the disorder taking a toll on one’s inability to have self control. Outbursts of anger coupled with uncontrollable behavior is a red flag that you may need to get help.
4. Grandiose ideas/ideas of reference. Do you believe you are more important than you really are, or are you interpreting you are someone you’re not? Maybe the situation you’re in reminds you of a scene from a movie, and you are acting out accordingly. This is a sign that your reality is distorted. You may need to seek professional help.
5. Panic attacks. This alone is probably not a reason enough to send you to the hospital, but couple with one or more other symptoms in this list may be a fair warning that you are experiencing a mental break down. Seek professional help.
6. Vibrant expressions of emotion.  Do you feel excessively creative? Are you singing, rapping, drawing or writing in an exuberant manner? Mania does this to people and if not treated soon, may lead to more dangerous forms of manic psychosis.
7. Paranoia.  Are you irrationally afraid of someone following you, listening in on your dialogue, or stalking you? Do you fear the unknown, just because? Do you fear a situation is worst case scenario? This may be a case of paranoia. Seek professional help.
8. Hallucinations/Delusions. If you are hearing, seeing, believing things that aren’t really there, and can’t tell if they are really there or not, you may be in a psychotic state of mind. Things may seem what they aren’t and you may be in danger of acting as such. Seek professional help.

8 Reasons You May Need to Be Admitted

The psychiatric unit of a hospital is not a bad place to be, if you’re experiencing one or more of these red flag behaviors or symptoms. I just Googled ‘psych ward’ and the outrageous pictures and exaggerations are not all that it is! I get that it’s not where I wanted to be at the time, and perhaps isn’t the most ideal solution. But it is the most viable option out there, as opposed to being isolated at home, without psychiatric care. I believe without having been hospitalized, I would not have gotten the care and found the solutions I needed.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional and do not offer professional medical advice. I am a former psych patient and am speaking from my own past experience. 


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