Freebie Friday: Gameplan Ebook

So as promised, you can download my FREE Gameplan: A Mental Health Resource Guide, by signing up for my newsletters! If you ignored my pop-up, try this link or refresh your browser. Signing up to receive my newsletter will enable you to get an automatic email with the link to the ebook. If you already have subscribed to my newsletter, look for the ebook link in the next newsletter coming to you Sunday.

PLEASE NOTE: Downloading this ebook is exclusively for your use only. You may not reprint, share or distribute this ebook. If you know someone who could use their own version, please direct them to my site so they can sign up as well, like right here. Thanks!


My fellow mental health advocate and friend Karl Shallowhorn has also helped me compose this ebook so if you run over to his blog,, he’ll be offering it too. Act quickly though, we are running this free offer for a limited time only. Thereafter it will be available for purchase on a link I will direct you to at a later date.


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