Fresh Thought Friday

Fresh Thought Friday: Embarrassing Impulses

Dear Katie:

I have bipolar disorder and have been struggling a lot lately with being overly outspoken and putting my foot in my mouth. I’m currently a college student and I’ve definitely embarrassed myself on more than one occasion for volunteering things that didn’t need to be said. Is this my bipolar disorder talking or do I just need to work on taming my tongue?

-Curious Collegiate


Dear Curious:

It sounds like your bipolar may be influencing you to say things impulsively. The disorder can lend itself to this, but your surroundings and stage in life probably have something to do with it too. While you’re engaging in social media and school, you’re in a busy environment. At this rate, your mind is processing an ever-changing schedule of coursework, and absorbing x number of websites/videos/messages per minute. This much simultaneous activity can be stimulating to your disorder and can hinder you from filtering your words. Assuming you’re receiving treatment for your condition, my recommendation would be to get enough sleep, and try to take time for yourself. It won’t always be this way, but at this point, practice some listening skills and then just simply think before you say anything. See if that doesn’t keep you from insensible slip-ups.




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