Behold, a poem

Behold: A Poem

I originally wrote this as a song. Don’t ask me how the melody goes, since I didn’t write it down. This is dedicated to those going through a really rough time in their life.

ship in storm

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(c) 2017 Katie R. Dale


At times in your life when storms rage,

And your faith is not so strong,

You look around for shelter,

Pleading “God, what has gone wrong?”


The boat you’re in is rocking,

You’re barely hanging on,

But when you cry to Jesus,

Behold, He calms the storm.


Behold, the Son of God,

Power and authority.

Behold, healing strength,

Is alive and in our midst,

Behold, all His presence,

Is enough to give us peace.


Behold, the Holy Lamb of God,

Is sitting on the throne.

Behold, He is coming soon,

He will not tarry long.

Behold, when He comes for you,

He will meet you in the storm.

Behold, with the whisper

Or with a mighty shout,

He is our promise for us,



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