Interview with Therapist

An Interview With My Therapist, Dr. Patricia Adams

I’ve had the opportunity to have Dr. Adams for a therapist the last three years and have really appreciated her coaching and encouragement. I am sharing an interview with you to get to know her a little.

When did you get involved in counseling?


I wanted to know “the rest of the story” as Paul Harvey would say.  I also wanted to help those in needs as my mentor before me so entering into this field after working as a Radiologic Technologist for 8 years gave me a sense of both hearing more of the story and helping others.

Why did you choose to pursue a doctorate in theology and masters in marriage and family counseling?
Theology because I love the Lord and trusted that knowing His word more would give me the tools to help His people more.  The degree in Marriage and Family Therapy is a Systems approach meaning the “whole” is greater than the sum of its parts.  As such it gave me a broader training platform to help more people.
When working with clients, what therapies do you employ?
Systems approach from my Marriage and Family Training, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and EMDR.
What has been the most rewarding thing about counseling mental health patients? 
Seeing them have that “AHA” moment in front of you whereby their paradigm on life takes a shift and they move themselves towards a life-long journey of healing.  That is the best part.
What kind of work are you doing in the future in regards to counseling/coaching?
Less counseling and more coaching. Counseling brings with a history of negativity – i.e. you must be crazy to go see someone like me.  Whereas Coaching has more of a positive connotation. I walk and live in positivism; and coaching more allows me to do that. In counseling folks appear more reactive whereas coaching appears more proactive.
What is your site about?  
I Still Do is a ministry of Health Innovative Processes. My husband Roosevelt and I have a desire to see marriages saved by the grace of God working in and through our groups and mentors.
If your marriage relationship has been rocked by infidelity, and you’re asking, “Does God have the power to save your marriage? Can He bring healing, restoration, and forgiveness?” Yes, He can!
Several new groups are starting up soon.  The cost is only $45 per person for our 12 week group. 

Our groups are facilitated by a certified professional who will help you navigate the path to reconciliation. You will also be provided a mentor who has successfully overcome the damage caused by an adulterous affair.


Dr. Patricia Adams

Dr. Patricia Adams

Patricia E. Adams, CEO, LMFT is a Certified Mediation Specialist. Patricia considers her most important jobs to be Woman of God, Wife, and Mother. Patricia admits that she takes all these attributes into the workplace as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, professional speaker, trainer, consultant, and author. Through her company, Zeitgeist Expressions Inc. dba Zeitgeist Wellness Group, Patricia provides individual, marital, family, foster parenting, adoption, and adolescent counseling along with Diversity, Conflict Resolution and Cultural Sensitivity Training.


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