A Year In Review: BipolarBrave.com

BipolarBrave.com: A Year In Review

I’ve officially had BipolarBrave.com for a year now and what a year it has been. In honor of the greatest year I’ve had on this blog, I’m featuring the Top Ten Most Popular Blog Posts from the last year of blogging. I hope you enjoy:

  1. An Interview with Carol Kivler, popular mental health speaker and author
  2. Carol Kivler

    Carol Kivler, MS, CSP

    Why I Say “I have bipolar” and “I am bipolar”  Why I Say I have bipolar and I am bipolar

  3. An Interview with Joanne Doan, bp Magazine publisher20170521_121024
  4. 16 Real-life Confessions About My Bipolar DisorderConfessions About Bipolar Disorder
  5. Happy Feelings Are Here Again!Happy moment
  6. 23 Tips for When You’re Ready to Admit Yourself Into the Psych UnitEntering Hospital
  7. My Greatest Fears in PsychosisFears in Psychosis
  8. 3 Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder We Don’t Talk Aboutsymptoms of bipolar disorder
  9. Katie’s featured story in BP magazine announcement

    Joanne Doan and Katie Dale meet

    Joanne Doan meeting with BipolarBrave blogger Katie Dale

  10. What I Wish I Knew In My Last Episodeconversation with myself


Those are the top ten most popular! And my personal favorite bestowed honorable mention:

The Plight of Lady Manic: A Poem

Portrait of a Lady by DaVinci

image source: The Atlantic


So what do you think? Did you favorites make the cut?!


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