hectic holidays are here

Hectic Holidays Are Here

It’s been a good eight days since my last post, as my time has been limited to get to my computer to sit down and write any blog posts. These days are flying by as I am now working full time and moved into our new home. I have to get all the sleep I can now that I have no time for a mid-afternoon nap as before. And writing and blogging definitely take a back seat to that. Priorities, people!

I can’t even begin to imagine how those with mental illness are fairing amidst these sentimental times. For myself I am so wrapped up in what’s going on during my days I honestly forget I have Facebook and a blog. But I’m not giving up or taking a break anytime soon. I have been trying to be good to myself and not stress over the small stuff. I would say I leave work at work, and home at home.

I hope your Christmas was a good one. Ours was good and we were blessed to be around family to enjoy it together. Family is an invaluable support to have. Since working this new job, I’m learning that’s one thing that not everyone can count on. In my travels during the day, it is not uncommon to see clients who are on their own. It isn’t right. Family gives up on them because of their mental illness or addictions. Maybe they have burned bridges or not been able to sustain a healthy relationship with family members, and then they’re living in a group home or lower income housing because they rely on disability to pay their bills.

Without family, I don’t see how anyone can really thrive. That’s why it’s crucial you plug into a church or community group that can offer support for you emotionally and practically if you have no family. Purpose and roles are the underlying foundation for a healthy lifestyle. Having an identity or role is what gives you purpose, and purpose gives you a vision. Otherwise, any of us has a right to be depressed. Not that we can find our deepest satisfaction in family or jobs or church – ultimately our deepest satisfaction comes from knowing and pursuing God and loving Him above all else.

But I wonder, what’s the biggest piece missing? Is a person in depression, on their own, without God in their life, in need of antidepressants and human resources more than the touch of the Living God? What remains when all the physical and emotional and social needs are met, but yet they are spiritually dry and weary? Don’t these things all intertwine?

My theory is that our problems can be similar and the solutions can be the same. We all have a God-sized problem that can only be solved by a God-sized solution. Most of our problems can come directly from that God-sized problem or be traced back to it.

Your thoughts?





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