Do you have your GAMEPLAN? It’s coming…

On Monday, March 13th I’ll be re-releasing the newest version of GAMEPLAN for free to all of my blog followers. Subscribe to my newsletter to get your copy.

GAMEPLAN is a mental health resource guide that includes:

  • Healthcare providers entries
  • Family and friend crisis contact entries
  • Important hotlines, apps and websites for mental health reference
  • Personal info entries for keeping track of your condition and medication
  • NEW: Safety plan in the event of a crisis

The PDF version is printable in 8.5″ x 11″ format and you can slip it in a folder or binder easily.

If you or someone you loved don’t have a GAMEPLAN, what would you do? Do you know the numbers to call, with the support contacts all in one place? Do you have a brief history of mental health episodes and your medications all together? With GAMEPLAN, you can have the resources you need in one spot.



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