About Jesus

Jesus came into my life at a very early age, in a subtle way. I was nearly five years old when I invited Him into my heart, after hearing Mom teach Children’s Church on the message of salvation. My life wasn’t noticeably changed, but a handful of my encounters with Jesus since then have been life-changing.

There is a lot to say about this God I worship and I don’t intend to preach, but had it not been for Jesus and His presence in my life, I may have attempted suicide during that depression in 2003. Knowing how impressionable I am, I would probably be following a cult by now if not for Jesus. One of my favorite verses in Scripture is John 14:6, where Jesus declares He is, “the Way, the Truth and the Life.” He’s proven this in my life, guiding me to Himself and His promises that hold true no matter what state of bipolar I’m in.

I want to share Him with you, my friend, because He has proven those three Values in my life, and He can prove these three Values in your life too. If you’re sincerely wanting to have a changed, New Life, I challenge you to set your doubts aside and repeat the following:

Jesus, I am a sinner in need of your grace and mercy.

I need You to forgive me of my shortcomings, failings, sins and trespasses against You.

Please blot out my iniquities and come into my heart.

Show me the Way, Truth and Life. Be my Lord and Savior.

Thank You for rising from the grave and living inside me. Amen.


If you prayed those words and believe with all your heart that Jesus is alive in you and has given you His free gift of Salvation, congratulations!! Angels in heaven are getting their jam on over your new birth into the family of God! God has written your name in His book of Life. You are a new creation, and you can be sure He will complete His work in your life. It will be a growing process for sure, as your life is no longer your own, but that’s a good thing. Surrendering your life to Him is the best thing you could do for yourself because He is wanting to show You His mighty power and hand in your life, and can’t do that as well if you’re relying on yourself to do life. Also, the benefits to being a Christian include:

  • peace with God and inside your heart
  • assurance of salvation (you KNOW that you know you’re a child of God)
  • a relationship with the Heavenly Father God, getting to know Him personally
  • power over sin to obey and have victory in Jesus
  • spiritual gifts (teach, admonish, preach, evangelize, give, host, discern, knowledge, wisdom, tongues, prophesy… )
  • have total Joy
  • have no spirit of fear but of power, love and discipline
  • your identity is whole and hidden in Christ, not based on performance or occupation or role
  • And more…

My prayer is that the eyes of your heart be enlightened to act on this information. I can’t tell you enough, and it’s not enough for me to tell you. If you really want your life to change, you have to take a risk, make a choice and apply what I’ve presented. It’s my pleasure to introduce you to my Healer, Savior, Lord and best Friend. He is for us, not against us, but we are not sufficient enough on our own, and cannot expect to have a full life on our own terms, if we continue to live without Christ. Tomorrow is never promised. Are you ready to live? You have to be brave if you want it. Surely it’s not worth your soul to gain the world, while losing out on Life itself?

If you prayed the prayer above, I encourage you to do 3 things:

  1. Find a Biblically-based church that preaches the whole gospel message of Jesus – in the US, I suggest Southern Baptist Convention or Non-Denominational – and get baptized
  2. Find a Bible version you enjoy and can understand – I prefer ESV, NKJV or NLT – there’s Bible apps and I also use biblegateway.com a lot – and start reading in the gospel of John
  3. Find someone you know and share your conversion with them – whether it’s me, a friend or family member – it’s our mission to tell the world and the world starts at your neighbor

God bless, and stay brave!